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Basic rules: No politics, No religion or No crude language or dirty jokes. No sale of your equipment immediately after joining. Establish yourself as a valuable member before selling.  We are amateurs and we all have call signs. So please identify yourself. No unsigned or unidentified posts. Be nice, polite, and friendly to all. Always identify yourself or your amateur call sign when you sign in.

"I am writing to suggest that you join with me and other owners of the Yaesu FT-101 in an informal association which we might call the Fox-Tango Group. It would serve as a sort of benevolent, protective, mutual aid and perhaps a social club, essentially to interchange information, ideas, experiences, and problems" 

These were the words of Milton Lowens (N4ML) when he started the Fox Tango Club in 1972, which was dedicated to the exchange of information about the Yaesu FT-101 amateur radio transceiver. The club published the FT Newsletter from 1972 until 1985. I was a member of the Fox Tango Group from 1977 to 1985. I still remember that I could hardly wait to receive each month's issue of the Fox Tango Newsletter jam-packed with modifications and user suggestions for my beloved FT-101.

To keep the Fox Tango flame burning and continue the interchange of information to enhance the effectiveness of these old rigs I invite you to join the Fox Tango Club at

Topics of discussion will cover the FT-101 through FT-101F, FT-101ZD, FT-200, FT-102, FL-2100 amplifiers, and Yaesu accessories. Yaesu Twins FR-101, FL-101, FT-620B, FT-220, FT-221, FT-101ZD, FL-2100Z, FT-901, FT-901DM, FT-920 FT-102, FT-757Gx, GXII, FT-767, FT-7(B), FT-227R, CPU-2500R and other more recent models.
Organized 1971 By and For Owners of Yaesu Equipment 

Please visit the Fox Tango Web Page at 

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